• Modern tag game

    Laser tag is a new alternative tag game to paintball. Instead of a ball bullet shooter with paint you get a laser gun and instead some guards you get a vest with sensors. Once you target your goal the hit is registered automatically... and does not hurt!

  • Paintball – a paint that hurts

    Paintball to integrate and understand. This game requires collaboration. Sometimes companies demand it because of the relations between people who work in them. After the joint experience of this game, while everyone will have the same goal and strive to achieve it, a lot can change. Improved relationships can seriously improve performance at work.

The phenomenon of Pokémon Go

Parents of teenagers usually struggle with getting their children out of their rooms. For them spending time in front of computer screens and play stations seems much more appealing. However, not long ago, there was a radical shift in the preferences of children and teenagers – out of a sudden they started going outside.

Blast from the past

Pokémon Go was inspired by a hit from the 90s. Firstly, it was a series of computer games, which turned into an anime. It tells a story about pokemons – fantastic beasts with superpowers. In 2016 Niantic released a mobile, city game – which instantly hit the jackpot and gained in popularity.

Rules of the game

In the streets of every Polish city you could have seen crowds of people walking around with their noses stuck to their smartphones. Pokemons were ‘commonly seen’ in most of the parks and lakes. In order to ‘catch’ them you had to get pretty close to the creature. You could even train your buddy!

Positive aspects

Thanks to this game people who would rather stay at home started stepping outside to walk for quite some time in order to ‘catch them all’.

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